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Graphic design and branding

Thoroughly developed graphic design helps your business to stand out and become visible to your customers. Regardless of the scope of the company, we offer an individual approach to each client.

What does corporate identity consist of and why is it necessary?

Corporate identity – your company graphic form (logo, specific color scheme, business card and booklet, web design). 


The logo is a distinctive sign of any enterprise and the first impression that tells customers and partners about who you are and what you do, and also helps to stand out among competitors.

Corporate identity

Corporate identity key elements:

Web design

The home page helps your company to be visible in the digital environment, provides information about the services and experience, as well as serves as a customer feedback form.

A user-friendly, well-optimised and user-friendly website will help to attract customers and grow the enterprise.

Business card design

Business card is a must-have attribute of an entrepreneur, and it’s main task is to interact with customers and partners. The more original and creative its design is, the brighter will be the first impression and interest.

Booklet and catalog design

Booklets and catalogs are still used often as marketing techniques. The booklets may contain information about new products and special offers, as well as basic information about the company and the company’s experience.

Graphic Design Development Process:

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